Audio Sermons

 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

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Date Title Speaker Audio
February 24, 2018 The War on Earth The Fall of Man Alan Carlson file
February 17, 2018 Mankind: God's Handiwork Rhea Berger file
February 10, 2018 The Origin of Sin Alan Carlson file
February 3, 2018 Happiness Alan Carlson file
January 20, 2018 The Worst Year of Your Life Pastor Shafer file
January 13, 2018 Revelation and God Revealed in it Rhea Berger file
December 30, 2017 Be An Adventist Pastor Shafer file
December 16, 2017 Jesus Creator Heaven and Earth Rhea Berger file
December 9, 2017 Something to be Thankful For Pastor Shafer file
December 2, 2017 The Privilege of Prayer Alan Carlson file
November 25, 2017 The Cup of Iniquity / Video - Jason Aldean Conspiracy Kerry Nammany file
November 18, 2017 The Just Shall Live By Faith Pastor Shafer file
November 11, 2017 Jesus and Social Outcast Rhea Berger file
November 4, 2017 The Cup of Abomination / Video - Exposed Illuminati Kerry Nammany file
October 14, 2017 Luther's 500 Year 95 Theses / Video Alan Carlson file
September 30, 2017 Discipling the Ordinary Rhea Berger file
September 23, 2017 The Effects of Drug Use Kerry Nammany file
September 16, 2017 Wycliffe and the Bible Men Pastor Shafer file
September 2, 2017 Lessons from Esther Alan Carlson file
August 26, 2017 Sharing Our Faith Alan Carlson file
August 19, 2017 The Dreamer of Dreams David Lincoln file
August 12, 2017 But God Pastor Shafer file
July 29, 2017 Limiting God Pastor DuVall file
July 22, 2017 Child Sacrifices Kerry Nammany file
July 15, 2017 The Shadow of the Cross: The Hour of His Judgment Pastor Shafer file
July 8, 2017 Discipling Through Metaphor Rhea Berger file
July 1, 2017 Growing in The Lord Alan Carlson file
June 17, 2017 The Disciples in Scripture Rhea Berger file
June 10, 2017 Contemplating Christ's Life Kerry Nammany file
May 27, 2017 The Shadow of the Cross: Christ Our Passover Pastor Shafer file
May 20, 2017 The Great Controversy The Foundtion Rhea Berger file
May 6, 2017 The Shadow of the Cross: Our High Priest Pastor Shafer file
April 29, 2017 The Two Worshipers Alan Carlson file
April 22, 2017 Religious Liberty Kerry Nammany file
April 15, 2017 Resurrection Program Pastor Steven & Emily Shafer file
April 8, 2017 Christ and the Law and the Sermon on the Mount Rhea Berger file
April 1, 2017 Faith and Acceptance Alan Carlson file
March 18, 2017 Fake News Kerry Nammany file
March 11, 2017 A Goodly Land David Lincoln file
March 4, 2017 Love and Respect Pastor Shafer file
February 25, 2017 Submission to God Alan Carlson file
February 11, 2017 A Commitment to Humility and Service Pastor Shafer file
February 4, 2017 The Everlasting Gospel Rhea Berger file
January 28, 2017 Admitting Our Guilt Alan Carlson file
January 14, 2017 Our Marriage to Christ Pastor Shafer file
January 7, 2017 Weep and Howl Rhea Berger file